About Kathleen Harrigan

Kathleen Harrigan is an Illustrator and Surface Designer based in New Jersey. Much of her work is inspired by nature. She strives to capture the beauty she finds in the natural world and apply this to her artwork. She is an advocate for sustainability and doing as much as we can to improve our impact on the Earth. 

Kathleen is very interested in creating illustrations and patterns to be applied to products. The pattern surface design industry is where her passion lies. She continues to create new pattern collections and seeks to licenses out her work. 

She enjoys creating botanical illustrations, her favorite traditional mediums are watercolor and ink. She likes to combine the traditional techniques with digital applications.

Outside of her profession of Illustration and Design, she enjoys hiking with her dog Kya, creating hand made jewelry and creating floral designs.  

Kathleen Harrigan is a recent graduate of The Maryland Institute College of Art. She has been trained in the textile arts, printmaking, surface design, digital applications, and hand lettering. In her professional career as an illustrator she sets out to work in the surface pattern design industry. She is also very open to any other opportunities in which her artwork could thrive. 

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